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Denizens Of The Open Water Meet

Mohammad Hossein Bibi Kobadi, a 34-year-old swimming and diving coach, is now over 80% of the way over with his 1000K assisted stage swim in the Persian Gulf from the Strait of Hormuz to Arvand Kenar along the coast of southeastern Iran. His course for his solo Persian Gulf Swim on left. Originally scheduled to take 100 days, he has swum an average of

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Swimming In The Persian Gulf

The overcast skies and jellyfish of the North Channel. The Great White Sharks and gray tidal harshness of the Farallon Islands. The bioluminescense and stillness of night swimming in the Catalina Channel. The massive rush at the start of the Midmar Mile, Great North Swim and Waikiki Roughwater Swim. The stark cold of the Cadiz Freedom Swim and Alcatraz

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Kobadi Continues Along The Persian Gulf

Mohammad Kobadi continues on his 16th straight day in his stage swim along the Persian Gulf. 1000 kilometers clad in a wetsuits and assisted by fins, his stage swim from the Strait of Hormuz will take him ultimately to Arvand Kenar in southeastern Iran. The 15.8K stage of 5 hours 30 minutes in 23°C from Moghoyeh yesterday was part of this 100-day stage

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