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4-Man Relay Across The Gulf Of Finland

4-Man Relay Across The Gulf Of Finland Courtesy of Roman Karkachev, Gulf of Finland. On October 20th, Roman Karkachev of St. Petersburg, Timur Falomkin of Tomsk, Andrey Zamyslov of Moscow, and Anton Kutuev of Murmansk completed a 4-person relay across the Gulf of Finland from Yelagin Island of St. Petersburg to Kotlin Island. It was a cold, real cold 25

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Swimming In Sochi And Beyond

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. World champions Evgeny Bezruchenko, Vladimir Dyatchin and Larisa Ilchenko announced their third season of the Champions Cup. The 4-race series of 1 nautical mile swims are in Moscow, Lipetsk, Sochi, and Samara. The dates of the 2016 series are as follows: *May 29th — Moscow *June 12th — Lipetsk *June 19th

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