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Ederle Swim Adapts To Mother Nature

The Ederle Swim, started in 1925, is along a 17.5-mile (28K) course from New Jersey to New York. It is always a tough swim with 7 out of 11 swimmers finishing in 2007, 1 out of 13 swimmers finishing in 2008 and 3 out of 13 finishing in 2009. 2010 looks to be another tough year, especially with strong winds (30 mph or 48 kph).But the NYC Swim race

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Mighty Mermaids Continue Record Trend

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Records continue to fall this marathon swimming season. Americans Christie Plank Ciraulo, Nancy Steadman-Martin, Tracy Grilli, Karen Einsidler, Lisa Bennett and Jenny Cook set a record in the Pacific Ocean with a 9:19:44 crossing of the Catalina Channel. Their time dropped the existing record for an

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