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You Are A Newbie Swimmer If…

You know you are part of an emerging global force of swimmers if you... 1. first learned of open water swimming through Facebook or Twitter 2. bought your first pair of goggles and they were polarized 2. use the term hypoxic instead of lungbusters 3. have 3 different types of hand paddles, pull buoys and kickboards 5. measure time through your iPhone and

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Sharing The Passion In The Water

"When these women came to the Swimming Wellness program, they could barely swim," recalls coach Pam Lazzarotto. "They were nervous and excited at the same time. I honestly thought, what a great opportunity to share my passion for the water." The 51-year-old Swim Across America race director who regularly does 500 yards of fast butterfly in a typical

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Toes In The Water

You are running out of time heading down to the beach, but you definitely want to catch your swimming buddies who always leave on time, every time. When your group says 8 am TITW, they mean 8 am. No procrastination, no delays, get ready, and be on time whether or not the water has texture. Toes In The Water is the start time: no ifs, ands or buts. This

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