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Training For Tsugaru

Training For Tsugaru Courtesy of Ocean Navi, Sesame Sports Club, Ofuna, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Under the guidance of head coach Masayuki Moriya, Ocean Navi trains and organizes solo and relay crossings (both unassisted and assisted crossings) of the Tsugaru Channel in northern Japan. In order to help prepare the athletes for the 19.5 km channel

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Marcia Cleveland, Quick Quinquagenarian

Marcia Cleveland, Quick Quinquagenarian Courtesy of Channel Swim Japan, Tsugaru Channel, Honshu - Hokkaido, Japan. Marcia Cleveland wrote Dover Solo, a widely-read, popular book about her 9 hour 44 minute English Channel crossing in 1994 at the age of 30. Dial forward 25 years and the 54-year-old Cleveland is still swimming channels around the world...and

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