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If Dr. Oz Was An Open Water Swimmer

Dr. Oz is an accomplished author, surgeon, health advocate and American television personality. A former water polo player, he provided 28 steps to start off the new year. His friend and fellow television star and swimmer Oprah Winfrey agreed on these daily bits of advice. His first two bits of advice are to (1) Go Green, and (2) Indulge in Dark

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Never Again, 14 Years Later

Ben Lecomte completed a cross-Atlantic swim in 1998 and then appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show where he announced a cross-Pacific Ocean swim (see below).14 years after that announcement on Oprah's TV show, Benoit is finally heading back to realize his dream...and with Oprah's newly found interest in swimming, she may be covering more swimming on her OWN

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