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You Are A Newbie Swimmer If…

You know you are part of an emerging global force of swimmers if you... 1. first learned of open water swimming through Facebook or Twitter 2. bought your first pair of goggles and they were polarized 2. use the term hypoxic instead of lungbusters 3. have 3 different types of hand paddles, pull buoys and kickboards 5. measure time through your iPhone and

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You Are An Old-Time Swimmer If…

You know you are a wily old veteran swimmer if you... 1. can remember swimming an entire workout without goggles 2. came out of workout and remember seeing rings around all the lights 3. can remember a time when only rectangular-shaped hand paddles were used 4. can remember a time when there was only one type of white pull buoys was used 5. can remember

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This Top vs. Next Top

Like Toes In The Water, pool swimming can be a timely matter. When a coach says, "Go on this top" while pointing to a pace clock, it has a completely different meaning than "go on the next top" - especially to a swimmer doing tough, lung-busting, heart-pounding interval training in a pool. "Go on this 60 " versus "go on the next 60" gives the swimmer a

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