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2019 Naples Island Swim & SUP

2019 Naples Island Swim & SUP Courtesy of Greg Shea, Long Beach, California. Ryan Bullock went neck-and-neck for 3 miles with Franc Aleksi around Naples Island in Long Beach, California. Back and forth they swam at the Naples Island Swim until the very end when Bullock stood up first as he ran to victory in the onshore finish. Top 25 3-mile Results: 1.

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Five Fast Freestylers Cross Monterey Bay

Courtesy of Nick Wooler, Monterey Bay, California. Frank Reynolds of Tustin, California left a legacy in business, philanthropy and aquatics that is hard to match. His children and his grandchildren have long been successful on the national level in pool swimming, water polo and open water swimming. Two of his grandchildren Frank Reynolds Jr. and Paul

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