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A Shark On Molokai

Courtesy of Penny Nagel, Huntington Beach, California. Penelope Nagel, creator of the open water lingo swink*, swunk and swellunication, swims everyday in the Pacific Ocean at La Jolla Cove as a member of the 9:30's (also dubbed the Aqua-nuts). The La Jolla Cove co-mayor, she has swum 17 miles from Lanai to Napili, Maui in 2013 and a member of Beyond

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Swink, Swank, Swunk In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Penny Nagel recently coined a few new terms for the open water swimming community while training in La Jolla Cove near San Diego, California: swink, swank, swunk. To swink is to swim so far that the swimmer feels drunk. The past tense of swink is to swank and swunk. Nagel explains, "Some people call it

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Beyond Avalon Heads Into Problems

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. As always, open water swimmers can Expect The Unexpected. If it isn't the wind and chop, it is jellyfish and tides. If it isn't something in the water, it is something on land. In the case of Beyond Avalon's unprecedented 76-mile (122 km) ocean relay from Catalina Island to La Jolla Cove near San Diego,

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