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Frank Chambers Opened The Door

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Back in 2009, Meekrat Films produced a 55-minute documentary on Frank Chalmers's attempt at crossing the Pentland Firth, an 8-mile stretch of water between the northern Scottish mainland the the Orkney Islands. The Firth was successfully swum by Colleen Blair two years later. But the documentary - called

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Colleen Blair’s Swim Across Pentland Firth, Nominee For The World Open Water Swimming Performance Of The Year

Colleen Blair is a Scottish swimmer who has crossed the English Channel, North Channel, Loch Ness and circumnavigated Manhattan Island and the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. But this year, she went where no man or woman has ever gone before - across the Pentland Firth. "The Pentland Firth was a tough swim in the well-earned graveyard for broken

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