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Olympian Duel In Fort Myers

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. At the 10 km Crippen Cup this weekend in Fort Myers, Florida, Swim Canada simultaneously held its selection for its national open water team for the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships set for August 21st - 24th in Gold Coast, Australia. Richard Weinberger had already earned his spot at the Pan Pacific

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What Is It With Those Canadians?

Why are those Canadians so good in open water swimming? Even with a short summer and cold water nearly year-round, Canadian swimmers leave their mark on the open water swimming world. From Cliff Lumsdon to Cindy Nicholas to Vicki Keith and Christine Cossette, Canada has always been a force in the open bodies of water around the globe. But even as the pace

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Swimming Canada, Swimming For Gold

With the Italian team stacked, the American team confident, the German team strong, and the Russian team coming back, it is hard to imagine another team breaking into the highest echelon of international open water swimming. But Canada has that potential. Often overlooked, Canada is primed for breakout performances in the open water events beginning

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