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The Cheerios Effect In The Open Water

The Cheerios Effect In The Open Water Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. "Occasionally, I run into clumps of seaweed and bunches of trash or plastic in the ocean," says Steven Munatones. "It is more often than not that I swim into a clump of something rather than a solitary piece of trash or single piece of seaweed. I have always wondered

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Water Falling & Water Rising Festivals

Water Falling & Water Rising Festivals Courtesy of Doug Woodring, Ocean Recovery Alliance, Tonlé Sap Lake, Cambodia. Doug Woodring describes the Water Falling Festival and Water Rising Festival, two related events that Ocean Recovery Alliance created with NGO2 in Siem Reap. "It is a program to bring about water awareness and pride for keeping the Tonlé

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From Suits To Suits?

Photo courtesy of Kashfi Halford, Global Ocean Commission and Ocean Recovery Alliance with Doug Woodring. José María Figueres, Co-chair of the Global Ocean Commission and former President of Costa Rica, wore both a dress suit and sunglasses made from plastic waste. In order to help bring awareness to the harmful effects of plastics on ocean life and

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