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What If? Lexie Kelly

We asked professional marathon swimmer Lexie Kelly from Long Beach, California a series of "What if?" questions. Here are her answers: Daily News of Open Water Swimming: What if you saw a shark underneath you at an ocean swim? What would you do? Lexie Kelly: I would get out immediately and probably have trouble getting back in the ocean for a while. I

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Gelling And Packing In The Open Water

Yumi Kida, an Olympic marathon swimmer from Japan, is shown well-prepared with 3 gel packs stuck in her swimsuit before the 15 km FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix race on Isla Cozumel. The 27-year-old Kida takes a combination of hydration drinks passed to her from her coach as well as the gel packs that she takes at her convenience during her 10 km and

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