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What Is His Job In The Open Water?

Andrew Martens of RC Helicam brings aerial images to the spectators at the aQuellé Midmar Mile and highlight reels to the media via his custom-built, market-leading quadcopter. Martens has been leading the revolution of aerial imagery in the open water world with his RC Helicam quadcopter for years now. Every year, for two straight days at the Midmar Mile,

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Quadruple Redundancy At The Midmar Mile

With over 15,000 finishers this year, the last thing that race director Wayne Riddin and his staff need at the aQuelle Midmar Mile is a timing mishap. So the Midmar Mile uses 2 independent timing systems that run off the same frequency of the timing chips and a quadruple redundancy back-up system. When the athletes cross the finish line, there are 4

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Watching The Midmar Mile From Above

Andrew Martens will be utilizing his RC Helicam Quadcopter with aerial camera capabilities during next week's Midmar Mile in South Africa. The RC Helicam is a remarkable innovation for the global open water swimming community and endurance sports world. It provides outstanding high-definition aerial footage of any open water swim as a convenient,

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