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When The END Is Not In Sight

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Not only is the water of the Red River of the North muddy and churned up, but the winding river makes it impossible to see the distance from afar. Veer left, veer right, hug one shore, then the other. Stroke after stroke, feed after feed, mile after mile, hour after hour, the solo and relay swimmers of

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Swimming In Beautiful Country

Courtesy of END-WET, down the Red River from North Dakota to Minnesota. "I loved Grand Forks and the Red River swim itself," describes Honolulu resident Michael Miller about the 2014 END-WET swim that he completed in 9 hours 34 minutes. "What I didn't expect was how much one has to go through to even just go for a swim. Even during nice days, one cannot

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