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Live Bait And Aged Chum In The Open Water

Lynn Kubasek created a video of 2 relay teams: Live Bait (Julian Rusinek, Theo Schmeeckle, Peter Hayden, Natalie Merrow, Kelley Schall, and Carol Hayden) and Aged Chum (Scott Zornig, Michael Sullivan, Lisa Nordholm, Kevin Seres, Rob Dumouchel, and Lynn Kubasek) as they both swam from Santa Cruz Island to Silverstrand Beach on the California mainland in 12

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Kelp Krawlers Of Monterey Bay

Like many groups from Okinawa, Japan and Acapulco, Mexico to Key West, Florida and Sandycove Island, Ireland, the Kelp Krawlersof Monterey Bay in California are a friendly group of enthusiastic open water swimmers who meet year-found on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The Kelp Krawlers are a mixed group: some swimmers swim traditionally and some go into

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Open Water Swimming With A Beard

Chafing is nearly always an issue for open water swimmers. Skin-on-skin, fabric-on-skin and hair-on-skin all cause chafing. But there is a special situation that requires a unique approach: beard-on-skin. And there are few who are experts in this niche area like Rob Dumouchel. "I may have taken swim bearding to a bit of an extreme, but my adventure beard

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