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High Society In Lake Tahoe

Jamie Patrick of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society certified three successful crossings of Lake Tahoe last weekend: On July 27th, North Channel conqueror Craig Lenning of Denver, Colorado swam in the north to south direction in 11 hours 0 minutes 26 seconds. The following day, Morgan Christian of San Diego, California swam in the south to north direction in

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High And Live On Lake Tahoe

It did not take long for the formality of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society (LTSS) to excite the marathon swimming community. Within weeks of its formation, 9 athletes have signed up to swim the length of the 21-mile lake high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains between the states of California and Nevada. "Times are exciting. We just received our twelfth

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Lake Tahoe Swimming Society Launched

LAKE TAHOE. A group of open water swimming enthusiasts, including Jamie Patrick, Karen Rogers, Rob Laurie, Garrett Harley and Brian Patterson, announced the establishment of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society (LTSS) today. The Society's website (www.laketahoeswimmingsociety.com) provides detailed information on courses, routes, safety, preparation, weather

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