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Dr. Otto Thaning Knows All About Heart

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Dr. Otto Thaning is a heart surgeon from Cape Town, South Africa who knows a lot about the heart and about heart. While he focuses on the heart (muscle) at work, he know about heart (spirit) in the open water. Last year, he was in England to attempt to become the oldest individual in history to swim across

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Have Swimsuit And Goggles, Will Travel

It is a jet-setting life Ashley Twichell leads. From airport to airport, city to city, ocean to lake, pool to pool, the professional open water swimmer adds up the air mileage a la masters swimmers Barbara Held, Ned Denison and Roger Finch. The trio literally travel around the world in search of open water swims. In a very, very short span bouncing from

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The Little Pride And Joy Of South Africa

Roger Finch brings a heartwarming story from his native South Africa. "I am just the proudest non-parent around. Early this year I saw a young girl training much the same time of the day as me in a squad. What interested me was her training ethic, no messing talking or anything just work. I noticed not only did she train well but she could really swim so I

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