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Alisa Fatum Breaks Ice Ceiling

Alisa Fatum Breaks Ice Ceiling Courtesy of Christof Wandratsch, Veitsbronn, Germany. Greta Andersen, Judith van Berkel-de Nijs, and Shelley Taylor-Smith are in an exclusive club of open water swimming women over the last 70 years who have competed against their male counterparts mano-a-mano and beat them in the 2.8°C water. Alisa Fatum has now joined that

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Compliments From Guinness World Records

Compliments From Guinness World Records Courtesy of Kristen Stephenson and Michael Furnari, Redondo Beach, California. Among open water swimming luminaries [including Paul Asmuth shown above] and hundreds of participating amateurs and two 2020 Tokyo Olympians (Haley Anderson and Jordan Wilimovsky) at the WOWSA Ocean Fest in Redondo Beach, California

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Accolades To Amy

Accolades To Amy Courtesy of WOWSA, Redondo Beach, California. On June 8th 2019, Amy Appelhans Gubser became the third person in history to swim across the 43.4 km Santa Monica Bay between Point Dume in Malibu and Lunada Bay on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in 17 hours 6 minutes. The neonatal nurse celebrated her 50th birthday with a tough swim. "It was a

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