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Expect The Unexpected In The High Seas

Course data and image of the Out, Around, and Back Relay, courtesy of Evan Morrison. Sharks. Jellyfish. Hypothermia. Currents. Winds. Small craft advisories. Injuries. There are many, many reasons for a swim to result in an uncompleted mission - mostly to do with marine creatures or the marine environment. But in the world of open water swimming,

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Round One Goes To Mother Nature

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Discretion is the better part of valor, especially in the ocean when the winds pick up. Anthony McCarley knows this all too well as he is on an airplane heading home instead of getting on his escort boat for a 6-hour ride out to the uninhabited San Nicolas Island this week. McCarley had planned and

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Follow A SEAL Across The Pacific

Walter Scott, an attorney and a former Navy SEAL, will attempt to replicate Penny Palfrey's 40-mile (64 km) channel swim from Santa Barbara Island to Pt Vicente on the California mainland starting on Saturday night. To date, Palfrey has been the only person to complete this 64 km crossing in 17 hours 53 minutes on September 25th 2009. Nearly 4 years to the

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