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Jean McKensie Cruises To Carpinteria

Jean McKensie was a Carpinteria, California teenager who swam from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria in December 1926. The 19-year-old started together with Marjorie Buffington and Zane Steenrod along the West Coast of California, but she was the only person to finish according to the Press-Courier in Oxnard, California. Earlier that year, Steenrod made the

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Fin…But Not Fini

Lynn Kubasek, a nominee for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year, had a great year in 2013. It was a great comeback from 2012 when she experienced an uncharacteristic DNF. Photo shows Kubasek swimming in-between paddler was Allison Bayne and swimmer Carol Hayden, with a fin on the upper left corner. Kubasek remembers, "About 20 minutes

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