Tag: Seven Swims in Seven Seas for 1 Cause

Marine Life Nowhere To Be Seen

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Lewis Pugh does things we never even dream of doing. The Hall of Famer swims in the cold, not only in Cape Town where he resides, but also in frozen fjords and high upon Mount Everest. He does majestic pioneering swims in the North and South Poles and generates global awareness for causes ranging from

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Going Solo Needs Teamwork

Photo of Lewis Pugh courtesy of Kelvin Trautman in the Mediterranean Sea. Back in 2011, Penny Palfrey completed a 67.26-mile (108 km) Bridging The Cayman Islands solo swim between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman Islands in the Cayman Islands. While her crossing was a undeniable moment in open water swimming history, her crew was one of her assets. 46 men

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