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Open Water Swimming Takes To The SEA

The open water swimming competition at the SEA Games XXVI/2011 began Thursday, November 17th on Putri Island among the Thousand Islands of Indonesia.The multi-sport SEA Games (Southeast Asian Games) are held every two year involving participants from the 11 countries of Southeast Asia including Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam,

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SEA What Can Be Done In Indonesia

The Southeast Asian Games test event in Indonesia was conducted flawlessly. Thanks to the leadership of Liza Januar and Ray Sani, the organization was "brilliant and the full complement of competent technical officials required to conduct an international open water swimming competition efficiently and safely were in attendance. They were superb; it was a

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Open Water May Be Added To The SEA

The Indonesian SEA Games Organizing Committee (Southeast Asian Games) reported that 5K and 10K races have been proposed for the 2011 SEA Games in November in Indonesia. The Committee's deputy chairman, Djoko Pramono said Indonesian open water swimmers had the potential to win medals at the SEA Games. "We have included open water swimming because our swimmers

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