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Do You Wear Speedos?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. "Where are my Speedos?" "Are you going to wear Speedos or jammers?" "He is going to do an ice mile only with Speedos on." Speedos are the most well-known swimwear brand and are synonymous with traditional swim briefs around the world. So it is no wonder that Speedo won the Fan Brand of the Year accolade

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Swim Briefs Have New Owner In USA

On October 31st Halloween, PVH Corporation agreed to acquire the Warnaco Group. PVH Corp is an American apparel company that owns brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen and Izod. Warnaco is a New York-based company that designs, markets, and distributes brands including Calvin Klein and Speedo (USA). [Read more...] Copyright © 2012 by Open Water

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