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From Shore To Shore Across The Atlantic

From Shore To Shore Across The Atlantic Courtesy of WOWSA, Atlantic Ocean. 46-year-old Mark Pollard from London was part of an English Channel relay in 2010. The 12 hour 37 minute minute crossing planted a seed in his mind. A really big seed. But Polland's goal needed time and years of swimming to percolate. His first crossed the 14.4 km Strait of

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What Do You Call The Bering Strait Swim?

Due to weather and conditions, the Bering Strait Swim was reportedly halted for 10 hours (see report here in the Marathon Swimmers Forum). When Bering Strait Swim is halted in the middle of the relay, what do you call it? This brings up an admittedly minor linguistic issue, but one in which some marathon swimmers somewhere are discussing how to define

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