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Swim 22 On WOWSA Live

Swim 22 On WOWSA Live Courtesy of WOWSA Live, Huntington Beach, California. This week's WOWSA Live featured Swim 22 - the quartet of Catalina Channel swimmers including David Hartmire, Mike Vovk, Jen Schumacher and Chris Dahowski. The group shared their story and their collective thoughts and challenges faced during their four-way, four-person solo

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Teamwork Times Four For Swim22

Every open water swim requires a massive amount of onshore logistics, streamlined operations and a large volunteer support staff. But there are some events like the world championships, the Camlough Lake world record relay, Ventura Deep Six Relay and today's Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay (Swim22), a four-way crossing of the across the Catalina Channel that

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Wanna Bet On Swim22?

With only a 50% success rate in the Catalina Channel this season, the odds on paper for Swim22 Team to be successful in their four contiguous solo crossings is a mere 6.25% (or 50% x 50% x 50% x 50%).Swim22 is a four-way Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay across the Catalina Channel with Chris Dahowski, Mike Vovk, David Hartmire and Jen Schumacher as the four

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