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Swim Free Lives Up To Its Name

Swim Free has charity spots for Swim Free's Triathlon and Ironman teams. These races include the NYC Triathlon on July 14th, Ironman Lake Placid on July 28th, and Ironman Lake Tahoe on September 22nd. All of these triathlons are sold out - with the exception of the Swim Free. "We are now are offering a special discount for those who want to participate

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Swim Free Like A Dolfin

On Thursday, October 14th, Swim Free™ will distribute 1,200 free swimsuits donated by Dolfin swimwear to New York City children participating in the Asphalt Green Waterproofing Program. Through Waterproofing, over 30,000 New York City public school children have learned how to swim and be safe in the water – free of charge – since 1993. The swimsuits,

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