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Three For Three In Ice Down Under

Three For Three In Ice Down Under Courtesy of Ger Kennedy, Australia. Ger Kennedy from Ireland completed an Oceanic Ice Mile in Threadbo Ski Resort in the Threadbo Reservoir in New South Wales, Australia. Meanwhile Tara Diversi from Cairns and Benjamin Freeman from Canberra NSW both completed an Queensland Ice Mile in Crackenback Lake, Australia. Kennedy

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Jane Gordon, Falling In Love Again

Courtesy of Tara Diversi, Queensland, Australia. Jane Gordon is a mother of 3 children (8-year-old Hugo, 6-year-old Archie, and 3-year-old Rupert 3). She and her family live in Brisbane, Australia. Coached by English Channel world record holder and fellow Aussie Trent Grimsey, her window to attempt a crossing of the English Channel is July

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Are You Good Enough? Ask Tara Diversi

When we think of the incredibly talented Australian open water swimmers, names like Annette Kellerman, Linda McGill, Shane Gould, Susie Maroney, Shelley Taylor-Smith, Melissa Cunningham, Tammy van Wisse, and Penny Palfrey immediately come to mind. As does the word champion. These women are so multi-dimensional and multi-talented: motivational speaking,

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