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Ted Erikson, You Can Call On Him

Ted Erikson, You Can Call On Him Courtesy of a hacker. Ted Erikson completed several monumental open water swims in his career including a 30 hour 3 minute two-way crossing of the English Channel. It was his third attempt to set an English Channel double-crossing record. His record stood for 10 years until, remarkably, it was broken by his son, Jon

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Ted Erikson To Be Honored By IIT

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. There are numerous people in the open water swimming world who are just off-the-charts crazy smart: Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. George Tidmarsh, Dr. Angel Yanagihara, Dr. Edith van Dijk, and many others. Among those swimmers with an incredibly high IQ is Ted Erikson. Erikson, a chemist and International Marathon

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