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Foggle Are Now FOGGIES

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Karen Smidt-Allard is one sharp aquapreneur with a clear vision of what products are necessary and desirable by swimmers and triathletes. Her original Foggle product, a popular anti-fog cleaning towelette sold by SBR Sports, is now rebranded as FOGGIES. FOGGLE was nominated for the 2012 World Open Water

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When Jellyfish Replace Sharks

While most people who spend their time entirely on terra firma believe sharks are always lurking out for swimmers in the oceans, open water swimmers are much more likely to encounter mammals and invertebrates in the oceans around the world. For every one shark sighting by an open water swimmer, for every one shark encounter, for every shark attack, there

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No Man’s Land In The Open Water

No man's land commonly refers to contested territory or the area of land between two enemy trenches. However, during open water swimming competitions, No man's land takes on an entirely different meaning. If a swimmer is dropped for a pack, but is swimming alone between the packs behind, he is swimming in No man's land. There is no one to draft. There

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