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Swelling, Swimming Swole

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. "My stomach is swollen." "My face looks fat." "I look pudgy, don't take a picture!" These are examples of comments made by open water swimmers after long training or solo swims. Why? It could be because of third spacing, a temporary condition where an open water swimmer’s body appears to be

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Leaning Towards Being Waterlogged

Swimming for more than an hour in the open water takes stamina and endurance, especially when it is done in the ocean, at high altitudes or in extreme temperatures. But even with all that stamina and endurance, why is it that some open water swimmers can look a bit softer and a bit swollen and waterlogged after a long race or workout when they get out of

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Third Spacing, Sun And Salt Play Havoc

Open Water Source had the opportunity to watch many lengthy swims over the past year:the 55-hour Swim 22 relay in the Catalina Channelthe 55-hour Mexican American Unity Swim in Lake Powell, Arizona, and...the 40-hour 41-second 68-mile swim in the Cayman Islands by Penny Palfrey. These lengthy swims put a lot of pressure on the escort pilots and support

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