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RCP Tiburon Mile Getting Ready

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Chalk up the 2-year delay to ObamaCare. The RCP Tiburon Mile took a year sabbatical off due to its organizer having to focus its core business on the new insurance regulations in the United States, but Bob Placak and crew are back at it planning for their US$10,000-winner-take-all 2015 event in Tiburon,

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Tiburón Likes Cold Water

Tiburón, whose real name was Victor Guillermo Contreras, is an open water swimmer from Chile who crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in 1981 in 3 hours 27 minutes at the age of 34 and the English Channel in 1982 in 12 hours 2 minutes. Tiburón (Spanish for shark) is also perhaps best known for his extreme swims across the Strait of Magellan 4.8 km in 1 hour 28

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