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See Orange And Evacuate The Ocean

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. "In the early spring morning in 1991, I was standing on the beach at Ajigaura Beach in Ibaraki Prefecture. Ajigaura is a great surfing and ocean swimming beach is north of Tokyo and adjacent to Fukushima where a 9.1 magnitude earthquake led to a large 13-15 meter high (43-49 foot) tsunami that subsequently

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DARTing Out Of Tsunami Danger

The DART Buoy Array is a global network of tsunameters and surface buoys that serve as an early warning detection system for tsunamis. DART stands for Deep-Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis and is a system of ocean floor-anchored tsunameters and surface buoys that are deployed across the oceans to form a monitoring and communications network. The

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The Dangers Of A Tsunami

How do you know a tsunami is coming if you are at the beach? There are two ways: a natural warning or an official warning. An unusual lowering of the ocean water that exposes the sea floor is a dramatic warning that a tsunami or tidal waves are coming. The drawback of water is followed by a strong surge of water. There can also be an earthquake or loud

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