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Jesse Harewicz, From Nanimo To Vancouver

Jesse Harewicz, From Nanimo To Vancouver Courtesy of Jessi Harewicz, Nanaimo to Vancouver, Canada. One of the pleasant surprises of the 2018 Open Water Summit at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, California was the humorous, very well-received speech by Canadian marathon swimmer Jessi Harewicz. With a rapid emerging track record of unprecedented swims

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Swimming Around The San Juan Islands

With the sparkling blue water no warmer than 55ºF (12ºC) even in the heat of summer, massive kelp beds, orca whales, and plenty of islands to swim to and around, the idyllic San Juan Islands seem like the perfect playground for hardy ocean-faring athletes like Ned Denison and his friends. Orcas and seals, deer and foxes dot in and around the 172 islands of

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