Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Father, Like Daughter Courtesy of WOWSA, Strait of Georgia, Canada. A father's unconditional love and paternal desire to protect his daughter are among the most powerful and profound emotions on Planet Earth. 67-year-old Richard Harewicz is always with his daughter on her marathon swims. He guides her, he looks after her. He feeds her, he

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Association of Korea Open Water Swimming

Acronyms in the open water swimming world continue to grow: CSA, CS&PF, CCSF, BLDSA, ILDSA, HCSA, ACNEG, WOWSA, FINA, JIOWSA, NEKOWSA, VOWSA, GLOWS and AKOWS. AKOWS is the Association of Korea Open Water Swimming (사단법인 한국바다수영협회) that organizes three open water swimming competitions in Busan and Seoul in South Korea every year under the leadership of founder

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