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Congratulations, Walter Poenisch

Courtesy of International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame virtual induction and awards ceremony for the Class of 2020 will be held today on Saturday, May 1st between 3:00 - 5:00 pm EST (New York) where Cameron Bellamy (Honor Swimmer), Damián Blaum (Honor Swimmer), Marcia Cleveland (Honor Swimmer), Captain

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Swimming In Sharky Waters

Swimming In Sharky Waters Courtesy of WOWSA, Magnetic Island, Australia. Shelley Taylor-Smith swam 90 km from 90 km , Australia partly in a shark cage in January 1995 (see the dramatic footage here). She said, "I don't think I'm the one that broke the record. I think the whole crew did it today. I had such wonderful people out there. That just kept me

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1978, The Year That Was

1978, The Year That Was Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. "When I was swimming in college, the thought of drowning never crossed my mind," said Olympic champion John Kinsella. "Now, I'm aware there's a danger." Kinsella said that after his 13 hour 49 minute victory at the 1978 Lake Ontario professional marathon race. "When the

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