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What It Feels Like to Swim With Whales

What It Feels Like to Swim With Whales Courtesy of Great Big Story. "I love the sound of the whales," says Anuar Patjane, a National Geographic award-winning photographer from Mexico. "When you are nearby, your whole body resonates. It is powerful. This is as beautiful as seeing them. That is exactly what many open water swimmers - and their support

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The Roman Empire In The Open Water

Joe Roman writes about mammals that open water swimmers encounter from Maui to the Maldives. In his book Whale, the conservation biologist from Vermont explores the role cetaceans have played in history, the human imagination, and the oceans themselves. Roman also penned a great piece in Slate where he writes about fishing with dolphins. He begins with,

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A Whale Of A Conservation Problem

While working in a large Hitachi R&D complex in Japan in the 1990’s, I ate daily in the large company cafeteria along with thousands of my Japanese colleagues. Noodles – warm in winter and cold in summer – along with many fish and tempura dishes were served. The dishes were quite nutritious and balanced with a variety of salads and Japanese delicacies from

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