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The Importance Of Technique And Timing

The Importance Of Technique And Timing Courtesy of WOWSA. Olympic 10K Marathon Swim video courtesy of the Olympic Channel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. USA Swimming National Open Water Championships video courtesy of The Athlete Village, Long Beach, California. The physics of movement through the water is a fascinating topic. Dolphins, whales, sharks and

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Man With Mother Nature In The Open Water

Photo of Pádraig Mallon courtesy of Brian Meharg. When swimmers venture past the shoreline in open bodies of water, they occasionally come in contact with a wide variety of marine life. These denizens of the shallows or the deep can be small and invisible to see or extremely large and potentially dangerous. Our personal classifications of these myriad

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Kids Can Say The Cutest Things

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Jennifer Figge is about to embark on another stage swim across the Atlantic Ocean. But before she left for Cape Verde off the coast of western coast of Africa, she visited her goddaugher's kindergarten class in Aspen, Colorado. The 5-year-olds are studying the oceans and were fascinated by this women who

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