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WOWSA Performance of the Year Nominee Farallon Islands Swimming Association (USA) – Enabling a Renaissance In San Francisco

Great White Sharks, massive tidal flows and cold water are just three reasons why only two people in history (since the 1960s) have successfully swum between the desolate islands of the Farallones and the California coast.

But Vito Bialla and Phil Cutti know that where risks are present, aquatic adventurers will gather.

With Vito’s

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WOWSA Performance of the Year Nominee Bridging The Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands) – A Courageously Captivating Channel Challenge

Penny Palfrey wanted to do something outrageously difficult.

Something unprecedented and unheard of.

Something that captured her imagination and pushed her to the very outer reaches of her potential.

She selected a stretch of water 14,615 kilometers from her home in Queensland, Australia – the outrageously beautiful

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WOWSA Performance of the Year Nominee Colleen Blair (Scotland) – Swimming Across the Graveyard of Ships

Colleen Blair has already done the traditional route of marathon swimming – the English Channel, the North Channel, Manhattan Island and Jersey, but the 33-year-old took on a unique challenge this July.

Colleen completed the first swim across the Pentland Firth, a 9-mile stretch of cold, rough water between the northern Scottish mainland and the

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WOWSA Performance of the Year Nominee 1400K Swim Across Tunisia (Tunisia) – Swimmer of Peace and Bridge Builder

Nejib Ben Messaoud Belhedi is swimming along the entire coast of Tunisia – 1,400 kilometers – day by day, week by week, month by month.

His dream of building bridges not only across his country, but also across a region of the world currently in political upheaval, is lofty and inspirational.

Initially his 1400K stage swim was a solo

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WOWSA Performance of the Year Nominee Windermere 12-way Warriors (England) – A Dozen Times Better

Liane Llewellyn, Thomas Noblett, Keith Bartolo, Michelle Lefton, Michelle Sharples and Dee Llewellyn wanted to put a non-stop lake distance swimming record out of reach … and they very may well on their 3-day adventure of endurance, teamwork and patience in the Lake District of England. Their 12-way crossing of Windermere broke the existing record of 118

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WOWSA Performance of the Year Nominee A Swim For The Coastlines – Un Nado Por Las Costas (Dominican Republic) – Coastal Cleanup Crowds

Marcos Díaz from the Dominican Republic has traveled the world to marathon swims of all kinds – amateur races, professional races, solo swims and wetsuit swims.

With charisma and talent to connect with people from all walks of life, Marcos is as comfortable in conferences with politicians as he is with surfers on the beach.

But he has

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