Take 3: Jackson Klarsfeld Wins Chase Challenge

Take 3: Jackson Klarsfeld Wins Chase Challenge

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Jackson Klarsfeld and Robert Schotter went at it head-to-head three separate times at the inaugural Monterey Beach SportsFest in California.

Their first race of the Chase Challenge was a strategic double-loop 2.5-mile ocean swim followed by a fast out-and-back 1-mile race and culminating in a 0.5-mile flat-out sprint. The three races were spread out throughout the beautiful sun-filled day on a glassy-flat Monterey Bay.

The 15-year-old Klarsfeld swam with a youthful joy mixed in with a special motivation. “You know how they tell you to swim like you’re swimming ahead of a shark?” the Pacific Grove High School student asked. “Well, Rob was the shark.”

The bioprene-fueled Schotter latched himself onto the neoprene-clad Klarsfeld early in each of the three races and held on as best he could. But Klarsfeld took off at the start of each race and never looked back.

Schotter, a local who swims year-round and loves the racing aspects of the sport, admitted the coolish waters of Monterey Bay took a bit of a bite at the start. “There were spots along the course where the water temperature fell and we got caught up in the kelp beds out there, but it is hard to beat youth and wetsuits. But these were good races and great day.”

With hundreds of athletes taking part in the ocean water polo, Ikaika Challenge, biathlon, beach volleyball and other events throughout the 2-day event, the competitive pair were among only 7 athletes who took part in the Chase Challenge.

The Challenge comprised on the 0.5-, 1-mile and 2.5-mile races throughout the day, each taking a toll on their bodies as the pace of each subsequent race increased. The day started with the 2.5-mile race and ended with the half-mile sprint.

Riley Smith, a student at California State University Monterey Bay, loves the cool waters and was one of the few swimmers like Schotter who shunned wetsuit protection. “I really like the cold water.”

Her sentiments were shared by 13-year-old competitive swimmer Emma Compton of Aptos, California. “I brought a wetsuit, but I want more mobility when I swim. So I am excited.”

Chase Challenge Results:
1. Jackson Klarsfeld (10:48 for the 0.5-mile + 14:42 for the 1-mile + 51:01 for the 2.5-mile) 1:16:31
2. Robert Schotter (11:52 + 15:37 + 51:22) 1:18:51
3. Parker Costa (11:40 + 16:24 + 55:04) 1:23:08
4. Chris Villanueva (14:42 + 20:36 + 56:12) 1:30:30
5. Joseph Jackson (14:01 + 18:04 + 1:01:16) 1:33:21
6. Kate English (14:09 + 19:20 + 1:03:52) 1:37:21 [first female]
7. Elaine Alrutz (15:56 + 21:09 + 1:08:20) 1:45:25 [second female]

0.5-mile Top 10 Results (full results here):
1. Jackson Klarsfeld 10:48
2. Gianluca Douros 10:51
3. Parker Costa 11:40
4. Robert Schotter 11:52
5. David Scopp 13:02
6. Simone Brown 13:25 [first female]
7. Ryan Richardson 13:53
8. Joseph Jackson 14:01
9. Kate English 14:09 [second female]
10. Abida Diep 14:11 [third female]

1-mile Top 10 Results (full results here):
1. Jackson Klarsfeld 14:42
2. Iain Anderson 15:30
3. Robert Schotter 15:37
4. Parker Costa 16:24
5. David Scopp 17:31
6. Tammy Choy 17:53 [first female]
7. Madeline Brown 18:00 [second female]
8. Joseph Jackson 18:04
9. Megan Brady 18:07 [third female]
10. Dave Kirk 18:11

2.5-mile Top 10 Results (full results here):
1. Jackson Klarsfeld 51:01
2. Robert Schotter 51:22
3. John Chapman 54:35
4. Parker Costa 55:04
5. Greg Lendahl 56:07
6. Chris Villanueva 56:12
7. David Scopp 56:37
8. Bruckner Chase 57:34
9. Joseph Jackson 1:01:16
10. Arturo Jacinto II 1:03:38

Upper photo shows Robert Schotter in jammers running at the 1-mile start. Second photo shows event sponsor John Mix of FINIS, Bruckner Chase and Tammy Choy, also of FINIS. Third photo shows Riley Smith in blue top at start. Fourth photo shows an example of the plethora of marine life in Monterey Bay. Last photo shows Jackson Klarsfeld finishing 2.5-mile race.

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