Take It Out Fast And Bring It Home For Great Britain

Take It Out Fast And Bring It Home For Great Britain

David Davies announced a change that is bound to have reverberations around the top echelon of open water swimming – especially as the top men are gearing up for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim qualification swim in Shanghai in July 2011 and at the 2012 London Olympics.

After winning a bronze in the 1500-meter freestyle at the 2004 Athens Olympics and then nearly winning a gold medal in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim by taking off quickly and challenging his competitors to keep pace with him, he has decided to train full-bore for the 2012 London Olympics.

I have found this year tough in terms of my performance both in competitions and in training and I knew that I needed to make a change,” David told the Telegraph. “There are two years until London and I know that in order to be ready to succeed in 2012 I need to change my surroundings.”

What is scary – at least to some of his competitors – is the fact that David can still churn it up in the pool – which will lead to an extremely fast six-loop 10K at the Olympics. “I can still do the training I once did as a 19 year-old, but I definitely need more time to recover now. The break has done me a world of good. I have changed a lot of things since Beijing on speed, strength and getting stronger in the gym. I have never been gifted with natural strength, but I can churn it out for long periods of time. The reason I am still in this sport is to compete at London 2012 and go for gold – the one medal I haven’t got.”

While his goals are also still in the pool, The Daily News looks to David to be leading the pack in the 10K in London.

As fellow Olympian Mark Warkentin said of David‘s abilities as an open water swimmer, “The scariest guy in open water swimming…is David Davies. It makes me nervous just to think about racing against him again. His racing style goes against all conventional wisdom and strategy, and every other open water swimmer must adapt. He takes the race out fast, may not stop for a feed, and never takes his foot off the gas pedal.”

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