Taking The Dolphin Club To The Next Level

Taking The Dolphin Club To The Next Level

Courtesy of Anthony DuComb, Aquatic Park, San Francisco Bay, California.

There are several iconic open water training venues around the world from Dover to Copacabana Beach, from Costa Brava to Waikiki Beach, and from Acapulco to Brighton Beach. These locations provide not only historical perspectives, but also present continued opportunities for future open water swimmers.

One of these most hallowed grounds is Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay. The centerpiece of Aquatic Park is the historic building where the Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club of San Francisco is headquartered.

Honorary Co-Chairs Don Reid and Elliot Evers, Co-Chairs Robin Rome and Anthony W. DuComb, and members Davis Ja, Ward Bushee, Diane Walton, Crissa Williams,  Jean Allan, and Andrew Wynn announced that the renovation and improvement of the Dolphin Club building that sits on the shoreline of Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay is well underway.

The committee and donors have collectively raised US$1.6 million that is more than halfway to their goal of US$2.75 million. DuComb reported, “While the Club is only open for limited activities, there is strong evidence that our community remains committed and strong. The goal is to protect the building from the rising sea level, to improve its safety and beauty, and to maintain the historic integrity of our home on the Bay.”

To learn more about the Renovation Project, visit here.

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