Talk The Plunge With ICEWIM

Talk The Plunge With ICEWIM

Courtesy of ICESWIM.

ICEWIM™ is a swimsuit brand that promotes a lifestyle that helps people connect with nature to improve their mental and physical health.

The ICEWIM™ swimwear product line is specifically designed and developed to suit the needs of those with a more adventurous spirit including those who wish to swim in cold water.

Their website features many people who enjoy dipping and swimming in the cold, cold water.

Ginger Mike from Canada [shown above] has been doing it for eight years and finds that it improves circulation, breathing patterns and in particular his mental clarity.

Debbie from the UK [shown below] started cold water swimming because of the coronavirus pandemic. Getting cold helped her from not getting insane.

To take the plunge and learn more, visit here at

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