Tastes Good, Feels Great

Tastes Good, Feels Great

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

ENERGYbits® launched its new website [see www.energybits.com].

ENERGYbits® was nominated for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year along with the following nominees:

1. A History of Marathon Swimming (USA) by Joe Grossman & Steve Walker
2. AKUA Kelp Jerky (USA) by Courtney Boyd Myers
3. Asociación de Cruce a Nado del Río de la Plata (Argentina) by Lucas Rivet
4. ENERGYbits® (USA) by Catharine Arnston
5. Icebears Hintertux (Austria) by Josef Köberl
6. International Ice Swimming Association World Cup Series by Ram Barkai
7. Marathon Swimming: The Sport of the Soul (USA) by Paul Asmuth
8. Maelstrom Seven by Wild Swimming Brothers
9. Ontberingen van een marathonzwemster / Hardships Of A Marathonswimmer (Netherlands) by Monique Blok-Wildschut
10. Patagonia Swim (Chile) by Cristian Vergara and Julieta Núñez Gundlach
11. St. Lucia Channel Swim (St. Lucia & Martinique) by Sue Dyson & Nathaniel Waring
12. Tahiti Swimming Experience (Tahiti) by Stéphane Debaere & Tahitian Swimming Federation
13. Take Your Dream (Australia) by Eric, Hunter and Tuck Helmick
14. TOWER 26 (USA) by Gerry Rodrigues
15. Waikiki Roughwater Swim DIY Swim Certificate (Hawaii) by Michael Rök & Jim Cotton

Catharine Arnston created ENERGYbits®, but even more fundamentally her efforts in the United States is helping consumers understand the health, athletic and environmental benefits of algae, the world’s most nutrient dense, high protein, plant-based, sustainable food and has been endorsed by the United Nations and World Bank as the answer to world hunger.

Algae has been endorsed by NASA and scientific organizations as the most natural, safe, pure, eco-friendly food that improves energy, focus, athletic performance, longevity and wellness. ENERGYbits® has brought algae into the Western mainstream where it is desperately needed because the world is toxic, the oceans are polluted, the soil is nutrient deprived, athletes are fuelled with unhealthy sugar, and rates of chronic diseases are skyrocketing.

Algae removes toxins, prevents or reverses most chronic disease, is a sustainable crop, and is not only the most nutritionally dense food in the world, but also the most scientifically studied food in the world.

To vote on the WOWSA Awards and the World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year, visit here.

Past winners of the World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year include:

* 2012: SWIM Channel by Patrick Wrinkler (Brazil)
* 2013: International Ice Swimming Association by Ram Barkai (South Africa)
* 2014: Step Out Of The Ordinary Blue Letter Campaign by Pádraig Mallon and Camlough Lake Water Festival (Ireland)
* 2015: World Ice Swimming Championships in Murmansk, Russia by the International Ice Swimming Association
* 2016: Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim (Turkey)
* 2017: Sea Donkey by James Harrison about Adrian Sarchet of Guernsey

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