Tattersalls Take Maui Channel Swim Again

Tattersalls Take Maui Channel Swim Again

Shark, Portuguese man-o-war, swells, ongoing currents and rough water conditions … exactly the conditions that Captain and the Australian Tattersalls team wanted for the 28th annual 9.6-mile Maui Channel Swim.

From Down Under, the Aussies went up and above the surface chop and waves to come out on top for the fourth consecutive year over 55 teams.

The Maui Channel Swim was founded by Ian and Coco Emberson. Ian, one of the original 18 triathletes from the 1978 first Ironman on Oahu, has continued to nurture one of the world’s most beautiful and enjoyable races.

But victory required some intuition, navigational skills, strategy and a few fast closing legs to seal the deal against the tough RCP Tiburon Milers who had boasted by two world open water champions on their team.

Capturing the best tangent from the island of Lanai to Maui with local legend Randy Kinores, the Australian team of David Brown, Codie Grimsey, Cameron Smith, Travis Nederpelt, Peter Theil and Andrew Beato finished in 3:21:57, a slim 15 seconds ahead of the American team of world 25K champion Alex Meyer, world 10K champion Chip Peterson, Kane Radford, J.K. Kohler, John Flanagan and Bob Placak.

Even when being stung on the face and arms by the gruesome Portuguese man-o-war, the Aussies never let up. Not that they had any choice with captain Peter Theil in charge. After seeing his teammate’s goggles intertwined with the stinging tentacles of the man-o-war, Peter reminded the troops, “We weren’t letting him back on the boat. Just keep swimming. That’s the rule.”

Bob Placak told the Maui News, “I think the conditions were as challenging as they’ve been over the last 25 years that I’ve done this race. Especially toward the latter half the winds were really whipping it up and the waves were extra choppy out there. But we all went through the same thing.”

The results:
Men’s Relay (150-239 years cumulative)
1. Tattersalls 3:21:57
2. RCP Tiburon Milers 3:22:12
3. Dream Team 3:52:06,
4. SCAQ Maui Channel Swimmers 3:55:16
5. Palmer – Olympic Club 4:13:36
6. Shore Break 4:50:09
7. Slo Po Boyz 5:04:59
8. Valhalla Turtles 5:32:10
9. Planetsun: Go Long, Strong, And Protected 6:07:28
10. Maui Aloha 6:28:19
11. Palu Polu 7:35:00.

Women’s Relay
1. RCP Tiburon Mile Wahines 4:02:28
2. TOC Wahines 4:41:58
3. Dam Fast Girls 5:31:04
4. Six Sirens 7:07:02
5. TMMC/Monk Seals 7:30:09.

Mixed Relay
1. Hawaiian Punch 4:11:15
2. Another Dam Mixed Team 4:17:17
3. Generation Six Pack 4:27:32
4. Dam Mixed 4:45:14
5. If It Isn’t Rough, It Isn’t Fun! 4:47:29
6. The Oceanic 6 5:33:39
7. The Olympic Club – Mixed 5:41:42
8. Wai Ohana 6:00:27
9. Team Show Up And Blow Up 6:01:00
10. Hell Or High Water 6:33:27
11. Shark Bait 6:59:38
12. Motley Crew 7:13:19
13. Team Four Seasons 7:29:51.

Makule Relay (240-299 years cumulative)
1. Aussie Ticker 3:59:41
2. Bakersfield Gold Wave 4:04:59
3. Arden Hills 4:16:25
4. Scaq Aquaholics Mark Vii 4:19:35
5. TOC Lally 4:32:40
6. B Team 5:35:42
7. Dam Dudes 5:37:13
8. Five Old Dudes And A Hot Chick 5:45:32
9. Kelley’s Dam Heroes 6:55:52
10. Sociales Tattersals 7:12:15
11. On A Bender 7:20:02.

Senior Makule Relay (300-359 years cumulative)
1. TOC Senior Makule 4:22:27
2. Magic Isle Swimmers 4:59:17
3. Dam Old Style 5:06:14
4. Los Mojaves 5:39:08
5. Gramps And The Dam Kids 6:17:04
6. South End Rowing Club 6:31:32
7. Team Katzen 6:34:22
8. Waikiki Swim Club 7:12:53.

Grand Makule Relay (360 years and over cumulative)
1. TOC Grand Makule 4:51:15
2. Southern California Grand Makule 5:04:39
3. 3 Old Kent, Twins, And A Dam Barbie 6:17:13

First-hand account courtesy of correspondent Ellen Shockro.

Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones
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