Tattoos In The Open Water

Tattoos In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Open water swimmers can be expressive in a variety of ways: verbally or artistically. Some view their skin as part of that public expression. Darren Miller celebrates his tough Tsugaru Channel crossing, part of his Oceans Seven success, with a tattoo on his forearm above. Other examples from open water swimmers around the world are shown below.

Italian Olympic marathon swimmer Rachele Bruni is shown above with her selection of tattoos.
Italian Olympic marathon swimmer Rachele Bruni is shown above with her selection of tattoos.
Csaba Gercsak is a two-time Olympian marathon swimmer
Cathy Delneo, a survivor of a shark encounter with a giant wave imagery on her back.
Vito Bialla has tattoos on each arm, one of a male orca and another one of a female orca
Bruckner Chase is also known as Uila O Le Sami in American Samoa, is an environmentalist and ocean advocate
John Daprato celebrated the Boston Light Swim with a tattoo. 
Brazilian marathon swimmer Glauco Rangel has a large swordfish covering his left shoulder.
Jellyfish tattoo
Rob Kent celebrating his Lake Ontario crossing.
Jen King and her turtle tattoo above and lotus flower tattoo below:
Olympian Alex Meyer shows his trident tattoo.
Patty Hermann of Texas.
16-year-old Tien Nguyen of Segerstrom Fundamental High School draws temporary tattoos on her teammates.
Olympic silver medalist Spiros Gianniotis of Greece
Nick Beavers of Whittier College.
Diego López Dominguez sharing his celebratory tattoo of his swim in Antarctica during his Seven Continents.

Around the beaches from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, from the shorelines of California to Copacabana, in pools from Melbourne to Montreal, many swimmers pride themselves on a variety of tattoos on their bodies. Many swimmers have marine themes to their tattoos.  Some of them incorporate Chinese and Japanese characters in their tattoos. What do some of these characters mean? Here is a short list:

1. 速 – fast
2. 長 – long
3. 超 – a lot or much
4. 強 – tough
5. 力 – powerful

Marine Creatures
1. 鮫 – shark
2. 鯨 – whale
3. 海豚 – dolphin
4. 亀 – turtle

Other Objects
1. 人魚 – mermaid
2. 虹 – rainbow
3. 珊瑚礁 – coral reef
4. 波 – waves
5. 津波 – tidal wave (tsunami)
6. 貝殻 – seashell
7. 海 – ocean
8. 海岸 – beach

1. 水泳 – swimming
2. 遠泳 – long distance swimming
3. マラソンスイミング- marathon swimming
3. バタフライ – butterfly
4. 背泳 – backstroke
5. 平泳 – breaststroke

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