Taylor Cunningham Discusses The Wonder Of Sharks On WOWSA Live

Taylor Cunningham Discusses The Wonder Of Sharks On WOWSA Live

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Taylor Cunningham is a Marine Biologist and Shark Conservationist. She received her degrees in Marine Science and Biology from the University of Tampa in Florida. While at university she focused on researching hammerhead hydrodynamics. She is a PADI Divemaster, freediver, and a shark safety diver with One Ocean.

Taylor is also the coordinator of the One Ocean Diving internship program. She loves giving students the opportunity to help out and learn more about opportunities within the marine science field. Taylor’s goal is to show people the reality of sharks while combining her love of diving with her love of science and research.

She discussed shark behavior, shark conservationism, and how ocean swimmers should act during shark encounters on today’s WOWSA Live.

For more information on One Ocean Diving, visit oneoceandiving.com and @ONEOCEANDIVING.

For more information about Cunningham and her projects, visit www.taylorkseadiving.com and @TAYLORK.SEA, @ONEOCEANINTERNS, and her Facebook page here.

Cunningham is available to answer questions at taylorkseadiving@gmail.com.

During the WOWSA Live interview, Cunningham mentioned how sharks are like the wolves of the ocean and the documentary film called How Wolves Change Rivers [see below]:

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