Teaching A Million People To Swim

Teaching A Million People To Swim

Courtesy of Jamal Hill of Swim Uphill, Los Angeles, California.

Service is a noble cause with reward beyond recompense,” wrote Jamal Hill of The Swim Up Hill in his action plan to supporters and volunteers.

We’re here to swim,” he writes about his flagship nonprofit program that is on its way to teach a million people to swim. “Our mission is to increase swim equity and end avoidable drownings in underserved, limited-resourced communities, prioritizing Black families through environmentally and culturally influenced swim education using the Swim Up Hill method.

Our practices will directly reduce the barriers of low-and-middle communities experiencing access to adequate swim education such as calm bodies of waters, unspecified and non-standard timelines for average life saving skill acquisition, commonly ignored learned fears and generational traumas associated with swimming, and the prohibitive costs associated with instructors, coaches and institutions that provide swim education.”

Hill is recruiting seasoned nonprofit board members with the time and experience to serve and be actively engaged in The Swim Up Hill programs and events. He wants to change the aquatic landscape in Los Angeles and beyond through restorative justice. If anyone is interested, they can directly contact Hill at info@swimuphill.com.

For more information about The Swim Up Hill, visit www.swimuphill.org.

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