Team Italy Wins FINA World Junior Championship 5K Relay

Team Italy Wins FINA World Junior Championship 5K Relay

Photo and results courtesy of Hans-Peter Sick of FINA, Hoorn, Netherlands.

Relays ended the elite competitions of the 2016 FINA World Junior Open Water Championships in Hoorn, Netherlands. Teams of four athletes (2 girls + 2 boys) competed in the 14-16 years and Under 19 year 5 km (4×1.25 km) relays.

Italy’s Emanuele Russo, Andrea Filadelli, Ludovica Lugli, and Giulia Berton earned a team gold in a close 14-16 year 5 km relay victory in 58:06.4. Fewer than three seconds behind in 58:09.1 was Team Hungary with Akos Kalmar, Zoltan Tabi, Janka Juhasz, and Fanni Kun-Szabo and six seconds behind was Team Great Britain with Hector Pardoe, Phoebe Griffiths, Nathan Hughes, and Leah Crisp in 58:12.6.

It was beautiful,” said Giulia Berton about the experienced Squadra Azzurri’s victory over 8 other national teams [shown above]. “I never swam [an international] team event after we already did in our national championships.”

5 km 14-16 Year Relay Results:
1. Italy: Emanuele Russo + Andrea Filadelli + Ludovica Lugli + Giulia Berton 58:06.4
2. Hungary: Akos Kalmar + Zoltan Tabi + Janka Juhasz + Fanni Kun-Szabo 58:09.1
3. Great Britain: Hector Pardoe + Phoebe Griffiths + Nathan Hughes + Leah Crisp 58:12.6
4. Russia: Daniil Orlov + Ekaterina Zotova + Viktoriia Seliverstova + Danil Nemolochnov 59:33.6
5. Germany: Jan Laudam + Kristoffer Schweder + Leonie Neumann + Laura Neumann 1:01:41.9
6. Ecuador: David Farinango + Patricia Guerrero + Veronica Peralta + Felipe Jaramillo 1:02:16.9
7. South Africa: Hein van Tonder + Carla Antonopoulos + Kiara Barnes + Kyle Letley 1:04:26.5
8. Egypt: Moselhy Mohamed + Hassan Sara + Elsaied Zeyad + Fouad Rawan 1:04:35.9
OTL Uruguay: Ivan Erik Fretes Conti + Keila Marcela Rodriguez + Barbara Perdomo + Ramiro Ruiz Carballo
DSQ China: Rongxin Qiao + Fuwei Dong + Xiaohan Liu + Sijun Liu

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