Team Ocean Dream Completes a Sado Channel Crossing

Team Ocean Dream Completes a Sado Channel Crossing

On June 1st, Team Ocean Dream completed a 42 km relay from Akadomari Port on Sado Island to Teradomari Port in Niigata Prefecture in 15 hours 7 minutes 40 seconds. The Sado Channel is located in northern Japan in the Sea of Japan.

The 11 members of Team Ocean Dream started on Sado Island at 6:12 am and finished on the Niigata mainland at 7:19 pm. Members included:

Moriya reported, “Although there was not a strong tidal pull in the channel, there were plenty of waves due to the winds. But in the afternoon, the winds subsided and the conditions remained good to the finish. The team had a lot of newcomers to the sport of channel swimming, but they had trained for swimming in the Sea of Japan. They demonstrated the results of their preparation. In the high waves, they were able to swim calmly and powerfully.

The air temperature was 19℃ in the morning and rose to 24℃ in the afternoon with a consistent water temperature of 17℃. All members wore wetsuits.

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